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Georgia & Aurélien

Georgia Crozet & Aurélien -Interior Designer and Architect in Nantes

Aurélien, a graduate of the National School of Architecture in Nantes and registered with the Order of Architects, develops architecture focused on High Environmental Quality accessible to all.


Georgia, who graduated in architecture in Brazil, turned to interior architecture. Her professional experience and research in neuroscience have led her to work on sensory design through architecture, creating experiences and awakening emotions in residential and professional spaces such as restaurants, hotels, and shops.


  • Interior Architecture (residential/habitat): from interior decoration consulting to complete renovation of an apartment, house, or city.
  • Corporate Architecture: office layout (space planning studies).
  • Commercial Architecture (Commerce & Retail): hotel rehabilitation (enhancement of the customer experience), restaurants, boutiques (studies on improving the customer journey).
  • Medical Architecture: medical office, healthcare center (consulting on biophilia, for productivity improvement and well-being).
  • Compliance with public-access building rules (accessibility and fire).

Together, Georgia and Aurélien can guide you in the successful completion of your projects and ensure budget compliance in interior architecture, commercial, tertiary, or medical architecture.

Shops we recommand in Quimper

Check out the stores we recommand in Quimper and in Bretagne. These stores specialized in furniture and decoration allow you to arrange your interior in the style that suits you the most: design, contemporary, industrial, nature, scandinavian, vintage or classic. By working with our decorators and architects for your interior design project, you may benefit from preferential discounts from these stores.

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